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A brand new, world-class behavioral health treatment center founded by widely recognized thought-leaders in mental health and substance abuse disorders. We put those who suffer on a path to thriving in all areas of life through uniquely tailored clinical, spiritual, and psychiatric support.

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Primarily focused on mental health, while also specializing in addiction treatment

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Co-founders are hands-on experts in behavioral health, combining clinical knowledge and practical experience

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Real and genuine treatment design and dynamic – not a cookie-cutter approach

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Focused on family, community and human connection

Addiction Recovery Tamarac FL

Look no further than Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center when you need a highly qualified choice for mental health treatment for depression in FL. The assistance you need for addiction and a wide range of other mental health issues can be provided by our team of experienced and caring professionals. A large number of people have a hard time admitting the need for and seeking out help for these types of issues. Taking the initial step may be braver than you think it is. Contact us today when you’re in need of outpatient rehabilitation near Tamarac FL to discover what Sylvia Brafman is capable of offering.

Addiction Recovery Therapy Program Tamarac FL

When you’re in need of a trauma based mental health program in FL and aren’t certain where to go, we’re here to help. Many people don’t realize just how common substance abuse is. Many individuals may be under the mistaken impression that they’ve got the situation under control and they can stop at any point. This is rarely the reality, unfortunately. These are some indications that you require the help only an experienced professional is capable of providing:

Addiction Rehab Tamarac FL

  • You need to take higher and higher doses just to achieve the same effect
  • A substantial amount of your time, money and energy is devoted to obtaining the substance in question
  • Cutting down on your own has proved unsuccessful
  • When you cut down or cease taking the substance in question you get withdrawal symptoms
  • Substances cause you to put yourself in harm’s way

This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list. While substance abuse is capable of taking over every aspect of your life, it is important to remember hope is available. At Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center we are here to offer the help you require. If you are experiencing difficulty and have to find a qualified choice for a behavioral health clinic near Tamarac FL, get in touch with our specialists today.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tamarac FL

You don’t need to look any further than Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center when you are looking for a caring and qualified alternative for a mental health program for anxiety in Florida. More and more people are becoming aware that mental health is something very important to consider. It’s not something that’s capable of being continually put off. You deserve to feel fulfilled and a lot of obstacles can stand in your path. Having a compassionate professional that understands what you’re going through and can point you in the right direction is sometimes what you’re in need of. Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is standing by if a mental health center near Tamarac FL is what you’re in need of.

Mental Health Therapy FL

If you’re searching for a mental or behavioral health clinic in Florida for comprehensive and compassionate services, Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is your best bet. There aren’t many areas your life that addiction does not touch. This is why addiction treatment is not necessarily as simple as medication prescription. Assisting you in channeling your energy in a physical or creative positive force is part of our goal, which is we offer a broad array of different services towards this end. Intimate group therapy sessions assist you in opening up about your situation and make improvements through communication while hearing the stories of others. If you’re in need of treatment for in Tamarac FL, discover more about what we’re able to offer by calling us.