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A brand new, world-class behavioral health treatment center founded by widely recognized thought-leaders in mental health and substance abuse disorders. We put those who suffer on a path to thriving in all areas of life through uniquely tailored clinical, spiritual, and psychiatric support.

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Primarily focused on mental health, while also specializing in addiction treatment

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Co-founders are hands-on experts in behavioral health, combining clinical knowledge and practical experience

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Addiction Treatment Seminole County FL

While you may discover that there are different options out there when it comes to addiction recovery treatment in FL, there’s a large number of reasons why we stand out at Sylvia Brafman. A lot of other clinics treat substance abuse itself and fail to look at the underlying causes. We are able to provide treatment for you as a whole human being by looking at the root of the issue. We’d like to make certain you are firmly on a path towards achieving your goals and having a more rewarding life, and this is the goal of any treatment we provide. With the broad variety of services we provide, we’re capable of making certain that your requirements as met as an individual. Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is the only choice you have to turn to if you are in need of addiction recovery near Seminole County FL.

Addiction Group Treatment Seminole County FL

As a leading center for an addiction rehab program in FL, our approach at Sylvia Brafman is compassionate and comprehensive. The link between mental disorders and substance abuse can’t be denied. Addiction is capable of being the result of personal trauma and substances are capable of feeling an emotional vacuum that patients didn’t even realize was there. First dealing with this is essential if the treatment for addiction is going to be successful. As opposed to separate treatment for addiction and mental illness, we treat them together. This ensures that the treatment we offer is both effective and long-lasting. Find out what we’re able to provide at Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center today in terms of for holistic addiction therapy near Seminole County FL.

Addiction Treatment Program Seminole County FL

As a center for outpatient opiate detox in FL, a broad range of programs are available. This means you’re capable of being certain your needs are met. Examples include:

  • Career programs
  • Family programs
  • IOP or Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs or PHP

When it comes to outpatient addiction rehabilitation in Florida, a one-size-fits-all treatment is never the answer. It is vital to take a look at the whole person and treat not just the symptoms but the underlying causes. We will tailor the treatment to your unique requirements with the wide variety of solutions we offer. This means we go beyond medication and talk therapy and additionally integrate approaches that are more therapeutic and spiritual in nature. This means you can not only get past addiction, but see how you can work towards a more hopeful future. People struggling with addiction often discover it’s difficult to feel hopeful. However, we are here to offer a substance abuse rehab program near Seminole County FL that’s capable of helping you work towards a future ahead that’s brighter at Sylvia Brafman.

Outpatient Addiction Rehabilitation Seminole County FL

We also stress what an important role family can play when it comes to an addiction rehab program in Florida. If you’ve maintained strong relationships with members of your family, you are more likely to enjoy future success and experience fulfillment in life. It’s often impossible to isolate a mental health disorder like addiction. Your family as a whole is often impacted. This is the reason we work hard to make certain family members are involved in treatment whenever possible. This way you can all heal together. It’s additionally important to remember that dysfunctional family relationships often play a role in many mental health problems, meaning it’s essential to make sure problems such as these are addressed at their core. Are you looking for help from a center for an addiction counseling program near Seminole County FL? Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is here. Contact one of our experts today to find out more.