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A Come-Full-Circle-Story: Behavioral health expert Ben Brafman and recovered investment banker Jaime Blaustein join forces to establish SBMHC

In 2010, 21-year-old Jaime Blaustein, a drug addict who had been declared “hopeless” by number of prominent doctors and experts, boarded a plane to South Florida en route to his 4th rehab in 3 years. It was here that he met Ben Brafman, owner of Destination Hope and a widely recognized mental health expert.

Jaime’s Second Chance
Jaime ultimately had not reached his bottom and could not stay clean. He was dismissed from Ben’s treatment center after several months. Over the next three years, Jaime’s life consisted of hospitals, overdoses, legal trouble, emotional turmoil and strained family relationships. But on Christmas Day of 2013, Jaime experienced the miracle of surrender and found a solution that had been so elusive. He was catapulted into a brand new life with the right guidance, the willingness to do the necessary work to recover and, eventually, rigorous work with others who struggle with mental health and substance abuse.

The Comeback
Jaime was given a second chance at life – his internal condition was brought to a place of contentment he didn’t even know existed. He resurrected his career, repaired all of his relationships that were previously neglected, and became a sponsor to dozens of men in recovery. His family was able to sleep at night knowing he was not only recovered, but thriving. In 2016, he was accepted to Duke University’s MBA program, where he went on to lead the investment banking club, travel the world, make life-long friends, and continue to live by his primary purpose of helping others along the way.

Following Duke, Jaime moved to New York City and started work on Wall Street as an investment banker for Credit Suisse, focusing on mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts, restructurings and various debt and equity financings within the Industrials sector. His new life failed to even resemble that of a struggling addict. But deep down, he had a desire to further align his life with his passion of helping others recover from the depths of despair and experience a second chance at a life.

In South Florida, meanwhile, Ben Brafman had continued successfully operating Destination Hope, helping thousands of patients with mental disorders and addiction. He continued to build his national presence as a respected authority on mental health. He had been watching Jaime’s progress from afar on social media and got a gut feeling that the two of them may be able to develop something uniquely special together.

So in early 2021, Ben called Jaime to see if he had any interest in establishing a world-class behavioral health center focusing primarily on mental health and also leveraging their collective experience helping addicts recover from addiction. On the verge of a promotion to investment banking Vice President, Jaime hesitated before getting quiet with this big decision for a few days. It became clear what the right decision was, and that his experience could be much more impactful in savings lives and helping others realize the same blessings he had experienced. And thus, The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center was born.