Through the Archway with Peter Marinelli joins The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center

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TAMARAC, Fla. , June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center announced today the expansion of its treatment offerings with the acquisition of Through the Archway, a leading spiritual immersion program focused on treating addiction and alcoholism. Led by Mr. Peter Marinelli and his wife, Mrs. Marion Marinelli, the revamped Through the Archway program will complement Sylvia Brafman’s core mental health curriculum.

Sylvia Brafman is a premier mental health treatment center founded by behavioral health expert Mr. Ben Brafman and his former patient and investment banker Mr. Jaime Blaustein.

Mr. Marinelli will serve as Executive Director of the new Through the Archway program within Sylvia Brafman pioneering a spiritually driven curriculum. In Through the Archway, patients with addictions engage in a rigorous process to bring about a shift in perceptions, outlooks and attitudes.

“Peter Marinelli has a rare gift to offer those recovering from alcoholism and addiction, and we are beyond excited to incorporate that gift into our center,” said CEO Jaime Blaustein. “That gift may only be surpassed by Marion’s ability to connect with women who suffer likewise.”

Mr. Ben Brafman, Chief Clinical Officer, touted Mr. Marinelli’s ability to “connect with people through the power of words, his tremendous conviction in a solution of recovery, and his proven track-record of helping to facilitate long-term sobriety.”

“Addiction is a mental illness,” Brafman continued. “In addition to the clinical, medical, psychiatric and physical modalities we utilize, addiction requires an additional ‘nuance’ to one’s overall treatment plan – a spiritual solution.”

Mr. Blaustein added that Sylvia Brafman’s philosophy has been to “relentlessly attack mental illness from five different angles – clinical, spiritual, medical, physical, and psychiatric – then focus on those remedies to which each patient is responding most favorably. It is my belief that there is nobody better suited to attack the spiritual lane than Peter and Marion Marinelli.”

“This transaction is monumental for struggling patients and families in that it marries the great work we’ve done at Through the Archway with resources outside of the spiritual realm,” Mr. Marinelli said.

“The passion in my heart is helping people – both addicts and mentally ill – get to the root of what ails them in order to find love, connection and purpose,” said Mrs. Marinelli. “Helping someone find hope, and then facilitating their entry into this new life, is what drives us.”

“When I got clean almost 9 years ago, listening to Peter’s recorded talks online on how we recover was instrumental in my trajectory as a wholly fulfilled person,” Blaustein said. “I feel so blessed that I have a small role in giving our patient’s exposure to the same individual that was so critical in giving me a second chance at life.”

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