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The 6 pillars of SBMHCNearly 15 million adults in the U.S. struggle with alcohol addiction, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Many of these individuals will never seek alcohol addiction treatment, which could help them heal and find the path to lifelong recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, you know how difficult it can be to stop. However, with the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center, you’ll be able to work through the underlying causes of addiction and develop the healthy coping skills needed for lasting sobriety.

  • We are focused primarily on mental health, as opposed to being a primary substance abuse treatment center that views mental health as a secondary afterthought – recognizing the overlap between the two
  • Our clinical and medical teams are second-to-none, with outstanding track records of success over many decades
  • Our leadership team has recovered from mental illness and substance abuse and has been in the shoes of our patients
  • Our Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer Ben Brafman is widely recognized as a thought leader and authority on mental health treatment
  • We don’t feel bound to conventional “rehab norms” – we employ outside-the-box, thoughtful clinical techniques
  • We are passionate, real and authentic – not a cookie-cutter treatment center – and this resonates with patients and families
  • We are small and intimate, focused on community and human connection
  • We are family-oriented, encouraging loved ones to be involved every step of the way – especially during our weekly Family Night
  • We are huge advocates of the right diagnosis and are more interested in causes and conditions than symptoms – but are not married to diagnostic labeling and recognize mental health as dynamic
  • We are solution-oriented. We will talk about the problems that result from mental illness, but choose to have a more forward-looking mindset and are more interested in solutions
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The 6 pillars of SBMHC

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