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Our founders Ben Brafman and Jaime Blaustein bring their uniquely diverse clinical and practical experiences and wisdom to the table. Ben Brafman’s presence as a national thought-leader on mental health, combined with Jaime Blaustein’s practical experience reemerging from the depths of addiction to the peak of mental and spiritual well-being and career success, provides SBMHC with a differentiated perspective on how to confront mental illness. 

We are focused primarily on mental health, as opposed to being a primary substance abuse treatment center that views mental health as a secondary afterthought – recognizing the overlap between the two

We are professionals and insiders in the treatment space

  • Our Co-founder and CEO has recovered from mental illness and substance abuse and have been in the shoes of our patients
  • Our Founder and Clinical Director Ben Brafman is widely recognized as a thought leader and authority on mental health treatment

We don’t feel bound to conventional rehab norms – we employ outside-the-box, thoughtful clinical techniques

We are passionate, real and authentic – not a cookie-cutter treatment center – and this resonates with patients and families

We are small and intimate, focused on community and human connection

We are family-oriented, welcoming loved ones to be involved every step of the way – especially during our weekly Family Night

We are huge advocates of the right diagnosis and are more interested in causes and conditions than symptoms – but are not married to diagnostic labeling and recognize mental health as dynamic

We are solution-oriented. We will talk about the problems that result from mental illness, but choose to have a more forward-looking mindset and are more interested in solutions