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Why We're Unique

The SBMHC Difference

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center prides itself on being thought leaders who focus on unique and critical elements that differentiate it from a typical “rehab.” Our approach is proactive, practical, and nimble. Everything we do is geared towards optimizing the treatment of primary mental health diagnoses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, and PTSD among many other conditions.

We believe accurate diagnoses and proper treatment plans are equally important for those struggling with substance abuse – otherwise, the work being done on that side of the equation may go to waste. A person self-medicating for an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed disorder has the odds stacked against them until getting treatment that targets the root of the problem. Co-occurring disorders are never an afterthought or addendum to a treatment plan at SBMHC. We encourage you to read our story, dig deep into our philosophy, and connect with us.

Why Sylvia Brafman Is Truly Different

  • We are focused primarily on mental health, rather than a primary substance abuse treatment center that views mental health as an afterthought – we recognize the overlap
  • Our clinical and medical teams are uniquely qualified, with decades of experience helping thousands
    • Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Ben Brafman, is widely recognized as a thought leader and authority on mental health treatment
    • Director of Psychiatry Dr. Rick Seely equally renowned for his expertise and accomplishments
  • Our Family Program is second-to-none, and a critically integral part of our center
  • Our leadership team’s story of personal and professional resilience is one-of-a-kind – we have been in our patients’ shoes and made it to the other side
  • We don’t feel bound to conventional “rehab norms” – we employ outside-the-box, thoughtful clinical techniques
  • We are passionate, real, and authentic – not a cookie-cutter treatment center
  • We are small and intimate, focused on community and human connection
  • We are huge advocates of the right diagnosis and are more interested in causes and conditions than symptoms, recognizing mental health as a dynamic



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