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Outpatient Program

What Is an Outpatient Program?

An Outpatient Program (OP) is a level of care that enables patients to have ongoing support as they continue to grow after an Intensive Outpatient Program. Many people view this as conventional “therapy.” In a sense, they are correct. Outpatient typically takes the form of 1-2 therapist visits per week. The relatively low time commitment makes this a good option for someone stepping down from IOP or experiencing moderate mental illness.

Outpatient treatment is a critical part of the full continuum of care. The lowest level of care in our treatment program for mental health and dual-diagnosis disorders, OP treatment provides a means for clients to stay connected to therapeutic resources while resuming daily life. At a high level, Outpatient can be described as:

  • The continuation of work and/or educational endeavors
  • A “step-down” from IOP
  • 1-2 individual therapy and group sessions per week
  • One family therapy session per week (Family Night)
>What Is an Outpatient Program?

Mental Health Outpatient at SBMHC

The crux of our outpatient program is that recovery from mental illness is meant to help people jump back into life as well-adjusted individuals. Therefore, the primary focus for patients during our outpatient program is on integrating new tools and ways of thinking into their everyday lives. Outpatient is a critically important part of the treatment process because it gives patients a “soft opening” as they re-engage with daily responsibilities and the demands they bring.

Because they are still receiving treatment, patients can bring real-world challenges into the clinical environment to process. They can discuss them with their peers and therapists and find solutions and lessons in the experience. Outpatient treatment reinforces the idea of compatibility between recovery principles and healthy living with the challenges and stressors of living in the real world.

Family healing is also further facilitated during outpatient treatment as family members are invited to participate in our weekly Family Night. All these elements work in concert to help ensure that patients’ progress and growth can continue unhindered long after they complete the program. You might think of outpatient treatment as putting the finishing touches on the treatment process, and the time when patients “road test” their recovery.

>Mental Health Outpatient at SBMHC

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