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What is an Outpatient Program?

An Outpatient Program or OP is a level of care that enables patients to have ongoing support as they continue to grow after an Intensive Outpatient Program. Many people view this as conventional “therapy” and, in a sense, they are correct – Outpatient typically takes the form of 1-2 therapist visits per week. The relatively low time commitment makes this a good option for someone stepping down from IOP or who is experiencing a moderate degree of mental illness.

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About Outpatient Treatment at SBMHC

At The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, outpatient treatment is a critical part of the full continuum of care. The final level of care in our treatment programs for mental health and substance use disorders, OP treatment provides a means for clients to stay connected to therapeutic resources at SBMHC while attending work or school.

During this phase:

  • Patient usually resumes work or schooling.
  • Step-down from IOP – 1 hour of group therapy per week.
  • 1-2 individual therapy sessions per week.
  • One family therapy session per week (Family Night).

Mental Health Outpatient at SBMHC

The primary focus for patients during our outpatient program is on integrating the new tools and ways of thinking learned in treatment into their everyday lives. Outpatient is a critically important part of the treatment process because it gives patients a “soft opening” as they re-engage with daily responsibilities and the demands they bring.

Because they are still receiving treatment, patients have the opportunity to bring the real-world challenges they face into the clinical environment to process. They can discuss them with their peers and therapists and find solutions and lessons in the experience. Outpatient treatment reinforces the idea of compatibility between recovery principles and healthy living with the challenges and stressors of living in the real world.

Family healing is also further facilitated during outpatient treatment as family members are invited to participate in one weekly Family Night. All of these elements work in concert to help ensure patients’ progress and growth can continue unhindered long after they complete the program. You might think of outpatient treatment as putting the finishing touches on the treatment process and the time when patients “road test” their recovery.

What Makes the Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center Unique?

Our treatment approach is as unique as our patients and their needs. No two patients arrive with the same set of challenges. Therefore, no two patients will have the same experience here. Whether you come to us with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or a SUD with a co-occurring disorder, we are ready to change your life.  People enter our mental health IOP with different goals in mind. A large part of our job is to help them become healthy and centered and equip them with the tools they need to achieve those goals.

Here is more of what makes us truly special and unique in the field of mental health treatment:
  • Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer Ben Brafman is widely recognized as a thought leader and authority on mental health treatment.
  • Co-founder and CEO has recovered from mental illness and substance abuse and has been in the shoes of our patients.
  • We aren’t limited by conventional treatment thinking – we employ outside-the-box, thoughtful clinical techniques.
  • Passion and authenticity – we aren’t an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Intensive Outpatient Program – and this realness resonates with patients and families.
  • Our focus is on getting the right diagnosis. We are interested in causes and conditions more than symptoms – we recognize mental health as dynamic.
  • We are small and intimate, focused on community and human connection. You will always feel seen and heard as a patient here.
  • We are family-oriented, welcoming loved ones to be involved every step of the way – especially during our weekly Family Night.

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