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Medication Education

Being adherent means that a person is sticking to or following through with a plan. When it comes to medications, this means refilling prescriptions on time and taking them as they are prescribed. If you or someone you know is taking your prescriptions as your pharmacist or doctor told you to, that means you are adherent.

The problem is that many people aren’t taking their medications as prescribed. A lot of the time these people have either an addiction or mental health disorder or both. If this is the case for you, it might help for you to enter our Medication Education program here at Sylvia Brafman. We help to teach about medication adherence, side effects, best times of day for medications and tips to properly.

Teaching About Safe Times of Day

There are certain medications that shouldn’t be taken in the morning and others that should be taken earlier in the day. Some medications can cause tiredness or fatigue. These are medications that shouldn’t be taken before you are going to drive or maybe not during the daytime at all. You may want to take these ones at bedtime. There are also medications that need to be taken with food or they can cause stomach upset, nausea and other issues. Here at Sylvia Brafman, we talk about which medications to take at certain times of the day in our medication education program.

Same Time of Day

Have you been taking your medications at different times of the day? If so, this can increase the risk of overdosing. It can also cause your medications not to work, as well, being that you may be going longer than you should be without taking a medication. If you haven’t been taking your medications at the same time each day, this is something that our team can work with you on. Hopefully, after entering our medication education program, you can get better at doing this.

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Match Up with Activities

For teaching you about the safest times during the day or night to take your medications and talking about the same time of day to take them, it is also helpful to match up medications with certain activities to help you remember to take them. For example, if you need to take certain medications at nighttime, you may want to take them when you brush your teeth at night. That way, you aren’t forgetting. You could take your morning meds after you take a shower in the morning.

Medication Safety and Organization

If you are on medications, it is important that you keep them locked up or, at the very least, put away so other people can’t get into them. There are far too many children who are overdosing on medications because they get into a parent’s or another family member’s medications. Here at Sylvia Brafman, we can teach you more about medication organization and safety. This may include talking about the use of a weekly or monthly pill box, storage or lockbox options and where to keep your medications, too.

Automatic Refills  – Yes or No

If you take multiple medications, you may be considering whether to sign up for the pharmacy’s automatic refill program. Some people like this program because they would otherwise forget to take their medications. Most pharmacies have a text or call messaging system, too, where they will alert you when your medications are ready. This would be another great thing to sign up for. The only reason that automatic refills may be a bad idea is if you want to try picking all your meds up on the same days or as few of days as possible during the month.

Medication List

It is always good to have your medication list updated and on-hand. You should be able to show this to all your doctors or others who are helping you out. If you start on any new medications, make sure the list gets updated.

If you are on medications to help treat mental health disorders or an addiction, make sure you talk to your doctor about the reasoning for the medication. Ask them how and when you should be taking the medication and what side effects might occur. You should also know what to do if you miss a dose of your medication and have access to calling your doctor if there are issues with the medication.

Get Medication Education Today

Here at Sylvia Brafman, our team is ready to help you work through any issues you have regarding medications. Whether you were abusing them, not taking them properly, need to take new medications or just have general questions regarding medications for mental health or addiction, we can help you.

Contact us today to get medication education information and guidance here at Sylvia Brafman.

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