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Providence Health Plan Florida Mental Health Therapy Treatment Coverage

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center in South Florida is dedicated to delivering specialized substance addiction and mental health rehabilitation programs, as well as a range of tailored treatment services. Committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate care, our center is focused on empowering individuals to pursue optimal mental health, stability, emotional well-being, and genuine recovery.

At the Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, we’re committed to ensuring accessibility and support for our clients. We gladly accept Providence Health Plan and other insurance options for mental health coverage. Contact us to explore your coverage levels and gain insights into the included service options. Call 877-958-9212 or complete our convenient online form. Psychological health is our priority, and we are dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your recovery.

Florida and Mental Health Statistics

Florida and Mental Health Statistics

In 2022, Florida exhibited a lower prevalence of mental illness compared to other states. Nonetheless, a disturbing pattern emerged as it became apparent that 63.5% of the 1,823,000 adults struggling with mental illness didn’t receive any form of treatment. This alarming statistic sheds light on a significant deficit in mental health care accessibility.

Furthermore, the Sunshine State faced challenges related to mental disorder coverage, with an estimated 594,000 individuals lacking the necessary insurance. Florida’s per capita spending on mental health care remained considerably below the national average, thereby presenting financial obstacles to the delivery of mental health services. These statistics unequivocally emphasize the urgent need for enhanced mental health resources and improved access to care in The Sunshine State.

Exploring the Sunshine State and its Southern Cities

Exploring the Sunshine State and its Southern Cities

Southern Florida unveils a diverse tapestry of vibrant cities, each exuding its own distinct charm. In Miami, a rich cultural mosaic awaits where one can immerse in world-renowned nightlife, savor gourmet dining experiences, and marvel at captivating Art Deco architecture that lures sun-seekers from around the globe.

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Who is Providence Health Plan?

Founded in 1843 by a group of Catholic women in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Providence Health Plan is a not-for-profit health insurance organization. Providence Health Plan is part of the more extensive Providence health system, a network of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers associated with the Roman Catholic Church.

The company offers a range of health insurance options, including individual and family plans, employer-sponsored plans, and government-sponsored plans like Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. The company focuses on providing access to healthcare services and coordinating care for its members, emphasizing quality, affordability, and a patient-centered approach.

What Does Providence Health Plan Cover for Mental Health in Florida?

What Does Providence Health Plan Cover for Mental Health in Florida?

Health insurance coverage for mental health therapy and treatment in Florida can vary widely depending on the specific plan, the treatment provider, and other determining factors. Typically, mental illness coverage includes services such as behavioral therapy sessions, counseling, psychiatric care, and, in some cases, substance abuse treatment.

To understand what Providence Health Plan covers for mental health therapy and treatment in Florida, contact Providence Health Plan directly or review the details of your specific insurance policy. The coverage and benefits can vary from one plan to another, and it’s essential to clearly understand what your policy includes and any associated costs.

Consider things like your co-pay for rehab services, deductibles, and out-of-network rehab benefits. You can also call 877-958-9212 for the most up-to-date, accurate information regarding your mental health insurance coverage.

Does Providence Health Plan Cover Rehab?

Does Providence Health Plan Cover Rehab?

Like many health insurance providers, Providence Health Plan may offer rehab insurance for substance abuse or addiction treatment services. However, the extent of coverage and specific details can vary depending on the particular plan, the state in which you reside, and many other factors.

To ascertain the scope of your rehabilitation benefits in your individual case, review your insurance policy documents and details or get in touch with your insurance provider or plan administrator. Our team of patient advocates is also here to assist you with any questions. Feel free to contact us at 877-958-9212 for guidance and support.

Does Providence Health Plan Cover Therapy for Mental Health Treatment?

Does Providence Health Cover Therapy for Mental Health Treatment?

Providence Health Plan typically includes mental health therapy treatment coverage, as this service is a common and government-mandated component of many health insurance plans. The coverage typically includes various mental health services, such as therapy sessions, counseling, and psychiatric care. The coverage details may vary depending on your specific Providence Health Plan and other factors.

Begin by reviewing your insurance policy in detail, paying close attention to mental health or behavioral health insurance sections, which will provide a comprehensive understanding of what is covered and any potential limitations. Secondly, contact Providence Health Plan’s customer service or visit their website. You can also contact our helpful patient advocates at The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center. Call 877-958-9212.


Rehabs in Florida That Accept Providence Health Plan

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center in South Florida offers rehabilitation services and accepts Providence Health Plan to aid with treatment costs. Our experienced medical and clinical teams can provide accurate diagnoses and apply effective treatment approaches, as well as integral mental health support to help you or a loved one overcome mental health or substance abuse challenges.

To learn more about our services, the admission process, rehab treatment authorization, or for any other inquiries, call 877-958-9212. Our compassionate patient advocates are ready to assist you in starting your journey toward a happier, healthier life. You can also visit our physical location:

  • The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center: 7710 NW 71st Ct, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States

Mental Health Programs Covered by Providence Health Plan

Providence Health Plan is committed to the well-being of its members, offering comprehensive coverage for a range of mental health programs. With a focus on promoting mental health and providing support to those in need, Providence Health Plan’s offerings encompass various services, including therapy, counseling, psychiatric care, and substance abuse treatment.

Through its commitment to improving mental health outcomes, Providence Health Plan plays a vital role in ensuring that individuals have access to the necessary care and resources for their mental and emotional well-being.

Providence Health Plan Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs

Providence Health Plan Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) represents a structured form of mental health treatment that offers a higher level of care than standard outpatient services. Yet, PHPs are less intensive than round-the-clock inpatient treatment. In a PHP, patients engage in daily therapy sessions and receive daytime support while being able to return home in the evenings.

Providence Health Plans usually include PHP treatment insurance, encompassing insurance for addiction recovery and various mental health services.

Providence Health Plan Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Programs

Providence Health Plan Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Programs

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) represents a middle-ground approach to mental health treatment, offering a level of intensity that falls between complete inpatient care and standard outpatient therapy. IOPs typically involve several hours of therapy and counseling services each week, enabling you to continue with your daily routine while benefiting from essential mental health support.

Providence Health Plan typically provides IOP treatment insurance.

Providence Health Plan Coverage for Outpatient Programs

Providence Health Plan for Outpatient Programs

An outpatient program offers a versatile treatment approach for individuals dealing with mental health concerns. They don’t require the same level of intensity found in inpatient care or the structured schedule of intensive outpatient programs. Instead, they allow you the flexibility to participate in therapy and counseling sessions while accommodating your daily routine and responsibilities.

Providence Health Plan typically provides outpatient rehab coverage. However, it’s important to understand the details surrounding your mental health treatment insurance. To learn more about our accredited and comprehensive outpatient programs at The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, call 877-958-9212 today.


What Type of Mental Health Disorders Does Providence Health Plan Cover?

Providence Health Plan recognizes the paramount significance of mental and behavioral health care in fostering overall wellness and mental health. They offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of mental health disorders, underscoring their commitment to mental health awareness. Below, we’ll explore a fraction of these psychiatric conditions.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Cyclothymia

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Cyclothymia

Bipolar disorder and cyclothymia are mood disorders characterized by fluctuating emotional states. Bipolar disorder involves severe mood swings between extreme highs (mania) and extreme lows (depression), while cyclothymia represents a milder form of bipolar disorder with less severe mood shifts that still significantly impact daily life. Both conditions necessitate treatment.

Providence Health Plan typically covers the treatment for bipolar disorder and cyclothymia. This coverage often encompasses mental health medications, therapy sessions, and other interventions designed to help manage mood swings and lead a more balanced, fulfilling life. However, coverage details vary depending on several factors, so contacting Providence Health Plan or calling 877-958-9212 will provide precise information about your treatment options.

Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

BPD is a complex mental health condition characterized by unstable emotions, self-image, and relationships. Providence Health Plan generally covers BPD treatment, including psychotherapy techniques such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and sometimes mental health medications. For detailed coverage information, contact Providence Health Plan or call 877-958-9212.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders disorders involve persistent, excessive worry and fear. Providence Health Plan typically covers anxiety treatment, which may utilize methods like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and medication to assist in stress management and in developing coping strategies. Coverage details can vary, so reviewing your policy, contacting Providence Health Plan, or calling 877-958-9212 for detailed information is advisable.

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression

Depression is a prevalent mental health disorder characterized by enduring emotions of melancholy, despair, and diminished interest in everyday pursuits. It can lead to various emotional and physical symptoms, including changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and cognitive function. Effective treatment for depression often involves psychotherapy and medication.

Providence Health Plan typically provides coverage for depression treatment, helping individuals manage their depression symptoms. However, the coverage details will vary depending on your policy and other factors. Therefore, review your policy documents, contact Providence Health Plan, or call 877-958-9212 for detailed information about depression treatment options.

Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition resulting from experiencing a traumatic event, leading to distressing symptoms like intrusive memories and heightened anxiety. Effective treatment usually involves psychotherapy and, in some cases, medications. Providence Health Plan typically covers PTSD treatment, aiding in stress management. For details on your specific coverage, contact Providence Health Plan or call 877-958-9212.


Does Providence Health Plan Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Like many health insurance providers, Providence Health Plan typically covers dual diagnosis treatment to some extent. Dual diagnosis treatment is designed for individuals dealing with a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder simultaneously. These co-occurring conditions require integrated treatment to address both aspects of the individual’s health.

However, the specifics of dual diagnosis treatment insurance can vary depending on your policy, your residence state, and other factors. Coverage may include various components such as detoxification, inpatient or outpatient care, therapy, medication management, and ongoing support. Call 877-958-9212 to learn more about your substance use disorder benefits and more.

How Much Does Rehab Cost with Providence Health Plan?

If you’re wondering, “How much does Providence Health Plan cover for therapy?” call 877-958-9212 to discuss rehabilitation therapy coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs associated with rehab insurance. In Florida’s outpatient rehabilitation programs, the average cost is around $1,705. These expenses can fluctuate depending on factors such as your treatment provider (out-of-network vs. in-network rehab facilities) and more.

How To Check My Providence Health Plan Coverage Levels

For a swift, effective assessment of your Providence Health Plan coverage levels, call 877-958-9212. Our dedicated, compassionate team is ready to assist with rehab insurance verification, navigate your insurance details, and answer any inquiries. We aim to ensure you understand your coverage clearly, providing the information needed to embark on your path to well-being with confidence and ease.

How Many Times Will Providence Health Plan Pay for Rehab?

The number of times Providence Health Plan will pay for rehab can vary depending on your specific policy, the circumstances of your treatment, and more. Generally, insurance plans provide rehabilitation coverage when deemed medically necessary. This means that coverage is based on medical assessments and the recommendations of healthcare professionals.

The specific limits on the number of times Providence Health Plan will cover rehab sessions or episodes will be outlined in your policy documents, and it may vary depending on the type of rehab, the severity of the condition, and other factors.

Review your policy, consult with Providence Health Plan directly, or call 877-958-9212 to understand the extent of your coverage and any potential exclusions or limitations. Additionally, stay informed about any changes in your policy, as coverage details can evolve. This will help you navigate the available rehabilitation benefits effectively and ensure you receive the necessary care.

Mental Health Statistics in Florida

Rehab and Mental Health Statistics in Florida

  • Out of the 1,823,000 adults in Florida with mental illness in 2022, 63.5% did not receive treatment.1
  • Florida had one of the lowest rates of mental illness in 2022 compared to other states in the U.S.2
  • From 2016 to 2018, Florida had the highest rate of hospital stays for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, with 200.8 stays per 100,000 individuals.3
  • Florida had an age-adjusted hospitalization rate of 976.3 per 100,000 people with mental health disorders in 2021.4
  • Only 36.5% of Floridian adults with mental illness received treatment in 2022.5
  • An estimated 594,000 Floridians lack health insurance coverage for mental health issues.6
  • Mental Health America’s data indicates that nearly 3 million adults in Florida have a mental illness.7
  • Between 2017 and 2019, depression rates in Palm Beach County were slightly lower than the state average, with only 12.4% of adults diagnosed with depressive disorders compared to 17.7% in Florida.8
  • Florida spends only $36.05 per capita on mental health, significantly lower than the national average of $125.90.9
  • The Florida Department of Health reported 200,907 hospitalizations for mental health statewide and across all age groups in 2020.10
  • In the United States, individuals with severe mental illness are more likely to be incarcerated than to receive hospital treatment. This trend is particularly evident in Florida.11


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