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A World-Class Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center with a Mental Health Focus

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A world-class, dual-diagnosis center with a mental health focus founded by widely recognized thought leaders in mental health and substance abuse disorders. We put those who suffer on a path to thrive in all areas of life through uniquely tailored clinical, spiritual, and psychiatric support.

Mental Health Focus

Unlike substance abuse programs which treat mental illness as an afterthought, we provide careful, thorough assessment and continuous evaluation. We believe this is necessary for truly effective treatment and lasting recovery.

Insiders & Thought Leaders

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center team is composed of thought leaders in the field of mental health and professionals with first-hand experience in overcoming substance use disorders. We have both expertise and empathy.

Passionate & Authentic

Mental health treatment is a calling for us. We work in this field because we truly want to make a difference. We recognized a need for an exemplary mental health program with comprehensive dual-diagnosis care.

Small & Intimate

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is large enough to offer leading holistic therapies like EMDR and therapeutic yoga, but small enough so you will always feel seen and heard. We see our patients not as clients, but as a family.

Incomparable Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

  • Small, intimate therapy with a heavy influence on diagnosis, social therapeutic services, clinical theory and individualized treatment for the mentally ill and addicted.
  • Exceptionally strong clinical and medical backbone led by a clinical expert in behavioral health, Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Physician Assistant, full-time RN and more.
  • Laser focus on family systems and inclusion of family in treatment.
  • Premier dual-diagnosis and substance use track pioneered by international speaker Peter Marinelli’s spiritual immersion program Through The Archway.
  • Unique Career Launch Program designed to help patients navigate their career and educational path forward in parallel with recovering internally.
  • Wellness services to supplement treatment include TMS treatment, genetic testing, nutrition counseling, sound therapy, yoga, and physical fitness programs.
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Sylvia Brafman: World-Class Mental Health Treatment

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the standard-bearer for mental health treatment and dual-diagnosis care. We prioritize first-rate clinical care above all else. We specialize in primary mental health diagnoses and are experts on the lasting impact trauma has on psychological health and the importance of trauma-informed care. Bringing attention to the need for a more thoughtful and logical approach to treating co-occurring conditions for dual-diagnosis patients continues to be one of our more important causes.

Our focus is on not only healing to the point where mental illness is kept at bay but empowering people to thrive in this world. We want our patients to complete our program with a firm understanding of their condition and a powerful set of tools for managing symptoms so that they can continue to grow and improve. We are convinced that the most effective treatment is care that directly engages the family as well as the patient in the healing process. Better outcomes are witnessed consistently among families who understand the patient’s condition and a rationale for the treatment path forward rather than simply going through the motions. For this reason, education and empowerment will always be part of our treatment model. We invite you to read further about the people and philosophy that make The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center truly unique. 

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Proven Mental Health Treatment

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is a world-class dual-diagnosis treatment center with a clear identity and purpose. Our co-founders saw a major gap in the supply of high-quality, evidence-based treatment centers focused on the primary mental health population and set out to fill that gap. We believe far too many people are misdiagnosed and under-treated for their mental health conditions due to a lack of truly excellent centers.

We often see people who require more intensive partial hospitalization care instead directed to outpatient treatment first. Others begin in outpatient with the best intentions but wonder why they seem to be stuck or have “plateaued” after months or even years of seeing a therapist several times per week. Another important segment we felt was woefully underserved are people with substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions – the need for a spiritual component to supplement a deep dive into underlying mental conditions is clear to us.

Mental Health Care is Essential

Mental health impacts every area of our lives. The mind is the organ of consciousness. It’s the lens through which we experience the world. If it isn’t healthy, it results in a less fulfilling life at best. Our relative psychological health, furthermore, affects the people we love. So much of a person’s success and happiness – however that may be defined – is contingent on his or her mental health. While it may seem obvious that this dimension of overall health should be examined with as much attention as physical health, it seems like mental health too often doesn’t get its due attention. We see that in the modern world mental health is too often taken for granted. Far too many people live with symptoms that undermine their quality of life because they either lack awareness of what’s within the range of “normal” or believe that little can be done to relieve their pain. Or sometimes, they think it’s a matter of discipline and fortitude, believing that if they can just “tough it out,” their symptoms will subside or they can “white-knuckle” it.

We believe that:
  • Everyone has a right and responsibility to be comfortable in their skin and experience mental wellness.
  • Far too many are paralyzed in their current state and don’t seek the help they need and deserve.
  • Mental health treatment can be the missing piece to substantially improve one’s quality of life.

A Refreshing Perspective

Sylvia Brafman takes a more hopeful view of mental illness. We know it’s not necessary to endure mental illness without adequate support. Every person has the right to be their best self and to pursue the help they need. We seek to smash any stigma surrounding mental health disorders and help people overcome shame. You and your loved ones deserve quality treatment for any disorder you face. We also believe that there is no such thing as getting “too much help” for a problem, as mental wellness is so critical to our lives that we find it best to take a conservative approach concerning the necessity for treatment.

When it comes to psychological health, many aren’t receiving the level of support needed to get better. Our co-founders Ben Brafman and Jaime Blaustein created Sylvia Brafman to help individuals and families meet that need through excellent mental health care. If you or someone you love is living with mental illness and hasn’t received treatment, or the treatment you are getting isn’t resulting in meaningful improvement, we are standing by to have a conversation. Our owners and top clinical minds will speak to you directly, not pass you off to an employee in a call center as many do. We want to help you turn “scars into stars.”

We don’t soft-sell the fact that recovery from mental illness requires hard work. We unapologetically ask families and patients to do the work. But we believe the rewards are limitless. Mental health positively impacts every area of our lives through a sort of domino effect. The hard work one puts into getting better will pay tremendous dividends. Our patients leave treatment with new insight into themselves along with the tools and understanding needed to manage their condition. We believe all of these benefits are not only invaluable to the individual improving their ability to enjoy life but create a ripple effect in the lives of their loved ones as well.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Done Right

Patients often find themselves in an addiction treatment center that claims to be “dual-diagnosis” but in reality, provides only the bare minimum level of support to use that label, which they do in a “by the way” fashion. One 15-minute visit with a psychiatrist or counselor at the beginning of treatment and a hasty diagnosis is all they get. Labeled with depression or anxiety and perhaps prescribed an SSRI, that’s the last they hear about mental health treatment for the remainder of their stay.

After that, the rest of these programs are entirely focused on the chemical dependency part of the equation. We at SBMHC believe this is a large part of why addiction treatment often results in the same old behaviors rearing their ugly heads. Our program was founded by Ben Brafman, a thought leader and innovator in the mental health arena, along with Jaime Blaustein, who brings invaluable real-world experience to the table. Any conversation with them will confirm they are huge advocates of spending time on making sure to get the diagnosis right and that the clinical philosophy views addiction as one type of mental illness. Together, they sought to provide the quality of care they felt was uncommon in the world of mental health and dual-diagnosis treatment. 

At the heart of our philosophy lies three core ideas:
  1. Addiction is a mental illness.
  2. Accurate diagnosis is essential to successful treatment.
  3. An effective treatment plan relies on continuous observation.

Proven Mental Health Treatment

We believe that for dual-diagnosis and addiction treatment to succeed, co-occurring conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, and PTSD must be given equal attention. These conditions must be accurately diagnosed and properly treated. Otherwise, all of the fine work done on the substance use disorder side may go to waste. A person who is self-medicating for an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed disorder has the odds stacked against him or her until getting treatment that targets the heart of the problem’s source.

All the substance abuse treatment in the world won’t change the fact that their co-occurring disorder wasn’t properly identified if they are still suffering debilitating symptoms. To that end, careful diagnosis and continuous assessment are de rigueur at Sylvia Brafman. We work to get the diagnosis right the first time and continually monitor patient progress and gather data as we go. We look for signs of other conditions as they may reveal themselves in the course of treatment. We pay close attention to how each patient responds to different elements of their treatment plan. We believe in attacking mental illness from 5 different perspectives or “lanes”, and then quickly honing in on those approaches which yield results.

At SBMHC, we believe that a truly effective dual-diagnosis treatment plan must be proactive, practical, and nimble enough to meet the needs of the patient. This is one of the key differentiators that makes our program stand out in the field of dual-diagnosis addiction treatment. Co-occurring disorders are never an afterthought or addendum to a treatment plan at SBMHC.

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