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Partial Hospitalization Program

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A mental health Partial Hospitalization Program (or PHP) is a level of care where patients receive intensive mental health treatment for a full day, approximately six days per week. Robust clinical, psychiatric, medical, and spiritual programming occurs during the day at the clinical location. In the evening, patients may either stay in supportive housing nearby or return home if they live locally. Mental health PHP is also sometimes referred to as “Day Treatment.”

>What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Our Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is where mental health care and dual-diagnosis treatment typically begins at SBMHC. It is, effectively, the “full boat” whereby a patient gets the full suite of treatment offerings. Our PHP features small and intimate therapy 6 hours per day with 24/7 support. At a high level, the PHP program is characterized by:

  • Robust series of intake assessments and initial diagnosis upon admission
  • Most intensive level of care (6 hours of clinical, psychiatric, and medical care daily)
  • 4 group sessions per day utilizing multiple modalities
  • Two individual therapy sessions per week
  • Family therapy 1-2 times per week
>Our Partial Hospitalization Program

We take pride in our first-rate clinical, medical, and psychiatric fabric. Whether you or your loved one comes to us with depression, PTSD, anxiety, or another undiagnosed condition, you can be confident that our focus upfront will be ensuring we have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. One of the inherent benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program is that therapists and clinicians get to have eyes on patients and their symptoms around the clock.

SBMHC’s unique “5 Lanes” approach to treatment delivers a tailored wellness package for each patient comprised of some combination of clinical, medical, psychiatric, spiritual, and vocational treatment. Different individuals respond to different approaches and modalities. Because treatment lasts only a finite period, we believe in an all-encompassing approach to tackle mental illness through all five lanes, followed by honing in on those methodologies demonstrating efficacy as quickly as possible while reducing or eliminating those proving less effective.


The Treatment Day at The SBMHC Partial Hospitalization Program

Intake Assessments/Evaluations Upon Intake to PHP


  • Biopsychosocial Assessment
  • Trauma Screening
  • Educational Learning Assessment
  • Individualized Problem List
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Regular Progress Notes

Medical & Psychiatric

  • History & Physical
  • Medication Management
  • Full Psychiatric Evaluation

Case Management

  • Case Management Assessment and Treatment Plan
  • Legal Assessment
  • Aftercare Plan

Medical and Psychiatric Supplements While in Treatment


  • Medication Management
  • Medical Director Follow-up Visits
  • RN Follow-up Visits
  • Specialist Referrals


  • Medication Management
  • Follow-up Visits

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