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The Career Launch Program

Our Unique Career Mentorship Track

Sylvia Brafman’s Career Launch program aims to channel the great potential for career success that many patients hold deep within, but have yet to realize due to the impact of mental health on their ability to move forward. The program is focused on helping patients succeed in their careers once they leave treatment. Personally designed and facilitated by CEO Jaime Blaustein, the Career Launch program consists of 5 phases: Contextualization, Reflection, Consideration, Preparation, and Execution..

Navigating a career as someone who is recovering comes with its own set of challenges. We hold our patients’ hands as they navigate that process, which is often accompanied by fear of failure among other logistical headwinds.

Career and employment give most of us a sense of purpose. Particularly in the U.S., what we do for a living can play a major role in a person’s sense of self-worth. It can positively affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Your career says something about what you value and where your strengths lie. It also allows you to leverage those strengths to provide for yourself and your family. SBMHC’s career program takes all of this into account.

A mental health disorder or substance use disorder can easily derail one from the career track, but it doesn’t have to permanently alter their life trajectory. Recovery is one of life’s greatest opportunities for personal growth and learning. One of our 6 Pillars is “The Comeback” for this very reason.

Provides context through a detailed discussion of:

  • Educational background
  • Work experience to date
  • Potential obstacles (legal issues, long gaps out of the workforce)

Establishes important criteria needed to answer the question: “What do I want to do?”

Discussion of relative importance assigned to various criteria including:

  • Compensation – total amount, frequency paid, salary vs. commission vs. bonus
  • Work/ Life balance
  • Enjoyment of the day-to-day tasks
  • Work environment – cultural norms, in person vs. virtual
  • Opportunity for growth vs. stability

Sector (technology, healthcare, foodservice, real estate, etc.) vs. Function (sales, marketing, operations, finance, etc.) – on which do I place greater emphasis?

  • Which naturally appeal most to me?
  • Which enable me to leverage my experience?
  • Which require additional training or education?

Outcome of Phase III: 3-5 targeted career paths to pursue


Action steps to prepare for transitioning or continuing down the path towards the desired career

  • Research into day-to-day tasks, common stressors, typical salaries, exit opportunities
  • Networking: establishing contact with natural networks, Linked In, and job boards
  • Mock interview with Mr. Blaustein and his peers from various leadership positions in finance, consulting, technology and other sectors

Pursing chosen career with proper balance of intense focus and measured level-headedness

  • This will take place either immediately after treatment for PHP and concurrently in IOP / OP
  • Opportunity for regular check-ins on an ongoing basis

Let Your Experience Become Your Strength

We believe that confronting the challenges associated with mental illness or substance abuse and rising above them creates a more fulsome person. Our CEO has found that these trials and tribulations often translate to success in the workplace with the proper guidance. The tools we use to achieve mental wellness and recovery have practical applications in the real world. Our recovery-aware career program helps our patients and alumni leverage those strengths properly.

>Let Your Experience Become Your Strength

Purpose is Therapeutic

The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center is dedicated to complete recovery. Our career program recognizes that part of recovery is re-entering the world and engaging with it. A sense of purpose and meaning is important to recovery as is the pride in providing for one’s self. Landing your dream job immediately after treatment isn’t always in the cards, but that’s not the critical determinant of success. What matters is getting back in the saddle with confidence and purpose. That’s what the SBMHC Career Launch program aims to provide.

>Purpose is Therapeutic

Beginning the Job Search

If any one of our clients expresses they want help in finding a job, our CEO will work with them to reach out to employers within 30 days of entering our Career Program. We understand the practical concerns involved in finding employment. We’ll help with applications, resume fine-tuning, interview preparation, and even connecting clients with specific hiring managers and resources in our community. Our CEO even connects those in our Career Launch Program with two “mentors,” most of whom have MBAs and experience in consulting and investment banking. You will find that SBMHC goes the extra mile in our career program, just as we do in every other facet of the treatment we provide.

Planning for the Future

We want to see your dreams and ambitions come to fruition. Tell us about the future you envision for yourself. Recovery is about more than just hope. It’s about bringing those things we hope for into being. Creating both a short-term and long-term goal is critical, as often the short-term goal is simply a stepping stone to better position someone to reach their dream career. So while our Sylvia Brafman Career Program team can help you to find new job opportunities in the short term, it’s truly about mapping out the long game. Our career program is here for you as a resource as you continue your recovery through outpatient treatment and beyond. We will do whatever we can to help support you and help you realize your dreams. Our goal is to see every person we treat become their best self and realize their potential in recovery and their professional life.

Learn More About the Sylvia Brafman Career Program

If you would like to know more about our career program or any other aspect of the work we do at The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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