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Did you know that there are many professional comedians, actors, doctors and other people who practice visualization? It helps them to keep their emotions and mental health in check. It helps to motivate them and bring their thoughts into perspective, too. The power of visualization has, for as long as we know of, been a great tool to help people manifest the life they want for themselves, too. Seeing events happen in your own viewpoint and picturing them to be real can really change your life in so many positive ways.

Research has found that people who struggle with mental health or addiction issues benefit greatly from visualization. If you or someone you know has a mental health disorder or addiction, reach out to our Sylvia Brafman team today.

Real and False Events

Science and research have shown that one’s brain can’t decipher between real or false events. If you visualize something your body is going to want to and will respond to it. Many who struggle with anxiety know this all too well. They picture the worst happening and then they always feel on edge. Why does this happen? It is partially because their body is visualizing something negative happening and so their body responds to that perceived event, even if it doesn’t really happen. If you have anxiety, you may recognize this as your chest racing, hands all sweaty or your mind running a mile a minute. These aren’t things that benefit us.

However, you can use visualization in mental health and addiction treatment programs to your benefit. When you learn visualization practices, here at Sylvia Brafman, you will learn how to picture things that make you happy, help you achieve your goals and help you bring more positivity into your life.

Successful Visualization

To successfully visualize things, professionals say you need to picture what you want and feel as if you have it already. A lot of people who are in drug or alcohol addiction recovery can visualize what their life looked like before they became addicted to these substances. They can picture when they were happy and full of joy. It is important to acknowledge what you are feeling now and how you want to feel. That way, you can see what destructive thought patterns you have and practice getting rid of those.

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The path to recovery includes building yourself a new lifestyle through the use of helpful tools, techniques and treatments. A vision board is one way to visualize what you want to have in life. Just be sure you aren’t focusing on what you are lacking in life, but what you want instead.

When you practice visualization techniques, you should visualize what the life or thing would look, smell and even feel like. Use each one of your senses to truly help change your mindset once and for all. Do you need help fighting for the life that you want? If so, our Sylvia Brafman team can help you to learn various visualization techniques in our mental health and addiction treatment programs.

Take the Time to Visualize

It is crucial that you take time to visualize the things you need and want in life. Picture all the ways your life would benefit from these things. By doing this, your entire mindset can be changed. You can actually feel like you have that life now and just have to take action to make it your new reality. Visualization is sort of like meditation. The imagery helps to focus your mind on all the good things in your life and that you could have in your life. There are not any limits. To truly be successful in your visualization practices, take time regularly to use imagery and implement what you visualize into your life.

Get Our Sylvia Brafman Visualization Services Today

Do you or someone you know struggle with a mental health disorder or addiction? If so, it could be helpful for you to learn visualization techniques. Here at our treatment center, we offer visualization sessions within our treatment programs. Contact us today, here at Sylvia Brafman, to get our visualization services right away. If you have any further questions about this service, our team would be happy to walk you through these questions or any concerns you may have, as well.

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