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What is Genetic Testing?

Sylvia Brafman has partnered with Wired For Addiction™, a DNA company that utilizes a trademark process to look at genetic
variants highly correlated to mental health conditions and mood disorders

  • Sylvia Brafman understands mental health conditions are complex diseases with a triangular relationship of Bio-Psycho-Social components
  • With over 100 years in the field and 16 years of R&D, Wired For Addiction™ has created an algorithm to quantify addiction by utilizing
  • biomarkers that therapists, clinicians, and attorneys see daily with their clients


Pharmacogenomic Testing Panel

  • Utilizes technology to review an individual’s DNA and provide a list of medications that are considered safe, ones that should be used with caution, and medications that should be avoided

– This hyper-precise testing and analysis yields safer, faster, and more effective outcomes.

  • Goal is to eliminate the “try it out” phase of medication by isolating an individual’s specific genes and their associated interaction
  • Deliverable: ~25-page report with analysis that details a list of medications which are most compatible based on a patient’s DNA


Custom Genetic Panel &
Hormone Report

  • Examination of biochemical pathways that require support

– These pathways includes genes, brain chemicals and hormones

– Process identifies, isolates, and measures the physiological component of
mental health using a triangular relationship model

85 biomarkers: 69 genes, 11 neurotransmitters, 5 hormones

  • Deliverable: Extensive 31-page report that explains the patient’s clinical correlations to their symptoms and biology predisposing them to mental health conditions
Wired for Addiction

By addressing the physiological component of mental health, therapeutic modalities are more effective than therapy alone 

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