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Through the Archway Founded by Peter Marinelli

A spiritual immersion curriculum for substance abuse patients complementing our core mental health program
The curriculum ensures that each patient receives a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the spiritual principles of 12 step recovery. These powerful ideas have saved countless lives and transformed them for the better.

Millions of people have found successful recovery through the 12-steps originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. For SBMHC, incorporating Through the Archway into our treatment program was a natural fit. It is the perfect spiritual recovery complement to the robust clinical psychiatric care, resulting in a powerful wellness program that leaves no stone unturned.

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A Spiritual Remedy

Sylvia Brafman recognizes that addiction is a mental illness requiring an additional nuance to treatment: a spiritual remedy that is powerful, practical, and sustainable

In addition to the core mental health program, patients with substance abuse disorders are enrolled in Through The Archway, a spiritual immersion program founded by Peter Marinelli and facilitated by Michael Malamed designed to tackle the mental obsession associated with addiction and alcoholism

Peter is an internationally respected speaker and spiritual guide who held patients’ hands through a life-changing process designed to bring about a shift in attitudes and outlooks

Is fully integrated with SBMHC’s dual-diagnosis treatment program.

>A Spiritual Remedy

Our Mission

To be a standard bearer for mental health treatment and dual diagnosis care. Bringing attention to the need for more robust treatment of co-occurring conditions for dual diagnosis patients will continue to be one of our more important causes. We will continue to raise awareness about the lasting impact trauma has on psychological health and the importance of trauma-informed care.

Our focus is on not only healing, but empowering. We want our patients to complete our program with a good working knowledge of their condition and a powerful set of tools for managing it so they can continue their progress. We believe the most effective treatment is care that directly engages the patient in the healing process. Better outcomes are witnessed consistently among patients who understand their condition and its treatment rather than just going through the motions. To that end, education and empowerment will always be part of our treatment protocols.

The People and the Program

Through the Archway program offers an unequaled opportunity to engage with the authentic self through the 12-step recovery process as it is meant to be done. This spiritual solution is the missing piece for many who have tried unsuccessfully to stay drug and alcohol free in spite of their best efforts. We at SBMHC believe that the self-discovery and unflinching honesty of the process combined with the loving kindness of the therapeutic environment will facilitate personal transformation that is extremely difficult to achieve outside of these conditions. People who complete the process find a level of insight into themselves that often takes people years to achieve in talk therapy alone.

>The People and the Program

How Does It Work?

We introduce patients to the spiritual principles of 12 step recovery utilizing a custom curriculum designed by Peter Marinelli. Using our recovery workbook, patients learn to use the 12 steps to better understand themselves and their addiction. More importantly, they begin a process of metamorphosis.

This process is designed to break down unhealthy, self-defeating thought patterns and awaken new insight. It enables people to see themselves and their actions more clearly and to take responsibility for the kind of person they want to be. The transformational nature of the recovery process leads to processing long held resentments and grudges, letting go of hate, frustration and blame. It awakens the heart and opens it.

Recovery Involves Mind, Body and Soul

At The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, our focus is on healing and renewal. We help people recover by correctly diagnosing conditions and treating them with evidence-based care. But we never lose sight of the fact that recovery is a lifestyle. Our goal is not only to heal, but to empower every patient we care for so their progress can continue long after their treatment here is complete. The best way we have found to do this is by providing treatment that respects the body and engages every facet of the psyche.


We engage the intellect by teaching patients about their condition and how to best manage it. Knowledge of their condition and the best treatment for it improves recovery by empowering the patient to be an active participant in treatment and to advocate for themselves out in the world.


We improve health with therapeutic yoga, exercise and access to wholesome, nutritious food and vitamins. Medical needs are addressed and the body is given a chance to rest and recover in a safe space conducive to healing.


We nourish the soul with a spiritual remedy in our Through the Archway program. This provides the ‘missing element’ for most people who have struggled to maintain sobriety in the past. For people attempting recovery for the first time, it offers a structured approach to recovery that ensures the intended experience.


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